Welcome to Performance Split Reins

Would you like increased performance from your reins? Would you like increased feel and grip?

Take your reins (and your riding) to the next level with Performance Split Reins! Perfect for all western equestrian sports but especially those that would like to have increased feel, grip, and contact.


Have a pony that pulls the reins through your child’s hands? Looking for a wonderful teaching aid to help your beginner rider develop feel quickly?

These reins are wonderful for your child, young adult, and beginning riders because the strategically placed lacing will give them extra hold on the reins, help them to keep their reins even and keep consistent contact with the horse’s mouth to improve their riding.


Wear gloves? Hands getting older or have an injury and your grip or feel is not as strong as it used to be?

The strategically placed lacing on these reins will allow you to maintain rein placement in the hand with less effort.


Love your split reins but don’t use them on the trail because they slide out of your hand when sweaty or the rain rolls in?

Performance split reins strategically placed lacing will help to alleviate this issue by allowing you to grip the lacing and keep the reins firmly in your hands. Confidently use your split reins out on the trail knowing you now have “The grip that doesn’t slip”.


The Grip That Doesn't Slip"