The performance split reins I got are great in weight and very well put together and will last a lifetime. The best part about these reins is it helps me to keep my hands in the right place with there  no slip design and I can actually feel the contact I’m placing on my horse. The other split reins I have I feel like I am always having to adjust the length and my hands always end up in the wrong spot but with these performance split reins everything feels right and it makes for a great ride! I highly recommend giving this product a try!

Melissa Demmons
Thomaston Maine 

"Ever get all dressed up and ready for the show and those showers turn up? I have! More than one time....and we don't say we will scratch. Personally I have done quite a few shows, trail rides and challenges in rain.  We do all kinds of riding, trail riding, western dressage, obstacle challenges, sorting, mounted posse. If it's fun and challenging I want to do it. I just got these split reins from Performance Split Reins LLC and I love them, when they get damp ( soaked ) they don't slide through your fingers. I am sure they will get plenty of use!  Great idea."  Thank You Ladies,.Connie Lloyd